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What Treasures Will You Find at Bins Ahoy Overstock?

At Bins Ahoy Overstock you will find electronics, household items, toys and much more overstock! Inventory is restocked weekly with merchandise from big box stores, and you never pay more than $8.


How Does This Work?

At Bins Ahoy Overstock discover all kinds of treasures and never pay more than $8. There is new load of thousands of overstock items every Saturday! You can find anything from iPads to spatulas. On Saturday everything is $8 and then the price goes down throughout the week, ending with 50 cents on Friday or fill a HUGE blue bag for $20! We restock each week with items from various big box stores, so you never know what treasures you will find!

When do we restock?

We open every Saturday morning with a new load of thousands of overstock items, each only $8! Prices go down throughout the week, ending with 50 cents on Friday or fill a HUGE bag for $20!

Which payment methods do we accept?

We accept cash and most major credit and debit cards. There is a $5 minimum for credit/debit card purchases. Unfortunately we do not accept Canadian currency at this time.

Do we accept returns?

There are no returns, refunds, or exchanges at Bins Ahoy Overstock. We want you to be happy with your purchase, so be sure to inspect all items in the "Try Before You Buy" area in the store. We encourage you to open all items, take them out of their boxes at the table, plug them in, make sure that they work and meet your expectations before you purchase.

Daily Store-wide Prices

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